Have you ever felt like you’re being held back by your past?

What if your most challenging emotional patterns and family relationship struggles were actually passed down to you energetically through your DNA because of intergenerational trauma?

What if you could free yourself from these binds and release these patterns at their root, with simple tools that work with your system energetically?

If any of this intrigues you and you’d like to learn more, you’re going to love this episode with Flower Essence Practitioner and Family Constellation Therapist, Anu Gulati!

Here’s a snapshot of some of things we talked about:

  • How our most challenging emotional reactions and family relationship struggles can be caused by unresolved issues and traumas in our ancestral line.
  • How we can shift these issues and traumas energetically with the use of Flower Essences and sacred ritual that honors our ancestors.  
  • How flower essences differ from essential oils, and how essences can help us to shift us out of dark emotions (anger, fear, grief, anxiety, etc.) and into more inner peace and calm.

Plus-Anu shares her free tools to help you identify the intergenerational patterns that may be holding you back and how to tap into the underlying message and wisdom that your difficult emotions are trying to tell you.  

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I am really enjoying the Taproot Podcasts. Each episode has had powerful stories about bringing more peace to your life when everything we know has changed. There is so much wisdom about the deeper levels of how we are all connected. I can’t wait to hear more!”

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Links mentioned in this episode:

Anu’s Free Gift
Anu’s Website


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Penny Rosenzweig

I have a passion for transformational healing, consciousness, spiritual awakening and human potential. Since 2011, I have been in private practice where I work with both individuals and groups through a unique blend of coaching, mindfulness practices, energy work and spiritual mentoring.

I bring deep presence and compassion to my work along with intuitive guidance that allows me see quickly to the source of where my clients are hurt, stuck and needing support.

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