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The inspiration to create this podcast came to me out of the life changing events of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are living through a time where more than ever, we all need to ways to navigate uncertainty, stay out of fear and keep ourselves aligned with creativity, possibility and our highest human potentials of love and compassion and unity.

So join me as your host-for insightful and meaningful conversations with seasoned yoga and meditation teachers, therapists, life coaches, shamanic counselors, energy workers, acupuncturists, nutritionists, and bodyworkers… 

Tune into each episode for powerful wisdom, tools and practices to nurture your body, mind, heart and soul and to deepen your capacity to stay grounded and thrive in an uncertain world.


Intuitive channeling, connecting with your spirit guides, understanding the influence of past lives, living your soul’s purpose


Astrology as a Map and Compass for the Soul


Toward Healing Racism -Exploring, Owning and de-Shaming Unconscious Racial Bias and How White People Can Show their Care to Re-Build Trust Across the Racial Divide


Learning From and Supporting our Teens Who Want to Be Activists in a Racial Justice Movement


Parents Pushed to the Edge: Negotiating Healthy Boundaries with Teens in a Time of Pandemic


Release Old Patterns and Free Yourself from the Past with Flower Essences

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