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Today’s episode is all about inspiring you and reminding you of the power we each have to make an impact in the world and to help create positive change toward the well-being of each other especially those who are marginalized in our communities -when we come together in solidarity.

The Rainbow Peace Flag Project started as the simple act of one person in one neighborhood in Natick MA hanging a rainbow peace flag at half mast in solidarity with those in the LGBTQ community following the bombing of the Pulse night club in Orlando in 2016.

This small but powerful gesture of kindness galvanized others, first in the local community and eventually grew into a movement that  spread across the country and the world to thousands of people  who hung these flags from their homes, their cars, buses, schools and businesses.

A movement that evolved the RPF into a beacon that condemns acts of violence and hatred, and stands for kindness and caring that extends beyond the LGBTQ community and also includes people of all nations, abilities, religions, races, political views, and cultures.

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Links for this episode:

To order your FREE RAINBOW PEACE FLAG or to make a donation to support this project

To learn more about Maggie Sky, Director of Operations and Yoga Teacher at Roots and Wings Healing Arts
To learn more about Reverend Ian Mevorach and the Common Street Spiritual Center
To learn more about mixed media artist Virginia Fitzgerald

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Penny Rosenzweig

I have a passion for transformational healing, consciousness, spiritual awakening and human potential. Since 2011, I have been in private practice where I work with both individuals and groups through a unique blend of coaching, mindfulness practices, energy work and spiritual mentoring.

I bring deep presence and compassion to my work along with intuitive guidance that allows me see quickly to the source of where my clients are hurt, stuck and needing support.

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