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The journey of transformation is a process of freeing yourself from the past and bringing your body, mind, heart and soul into alignment.

Sessions are an intuitive blend of deep listening, coaching, teaching, guided meditation and, shamanic and energetic practices to become aware of and shift unconscious patterns and beliefs and to create and manifest a life of new potentials.

“Ultimately, healing involves consciously stepping out of the survival patterns that block our natural open-heartedness from expressing.
We don’t need help to open our hearts.
We need help to get out of our own way. “

-Penny Rosenzweig

This process is a unique unfolding for each person,
but generally consists of cultivating these 5 essential capacities:

Deep-Dive Self-Awareness

Deep-Dive Self Awareness means going beneath the surface of our personality to bring to light the parts of ourselves held in the subconscious mind,  below our everyday awareness.

These are your habits, patterns and roles, your limiting beliefs, your unresolved pain and your unclaimed gifts and potentials. It’s both who you’ve learned to be and what parts of yourself you’ve learned to hide or suppress -in order to feel safe, good enough, loved and accepted.

These are the underlying things that can both hold you back in life and hold the potential to propel you forward into your true self and your highest potential!

Emotional Alchemy

Emotional Alchemy includes the capacity to be aware of and to be present with difficult emotions as they arise in the body, along with the skillfulness to befriend them so they can be transformed into insight, wisdom and clarity.

Most of us who grow up in Western culture are not taught how to do this. Rather, we are conditioned from an early age to distract, avoid or numb ourselves from feeling them through various addictions (food, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, smartphones etc) and coping patterns and distractions, (staying busy, achieving, staying “positive”, perfectionism, pleasing, rescuing, etc.).

Without the capacity to be with our emotions and to tolerate their discomfort, these coping patterns and behaviors hold us hostage and run our lives. We live in the grip of daily anxiety, we constantly react to outside circumstances, avoid certain people and situations that make us feel uncomfortable, behave impulsively in ways we regret and we guard and contort ourselves in our relationships. In short, we limit our potential to connect with others, play small and live narrowed lives.

In this way, we also deprive ourselves of the insight and wisdom that comes from learning how to befriend and transform these emotions with acceptance and compassion. All emotions are natural messengers from our inner world that help to inform and guide our choices in life. However, the dark emotions can be our greatest teachers if we learn the skills to work with them in a curious, kind and compassionate way.

Mind Mastery

Mind Mastery is learning to use the mind consciously rather than letting it have its way with us with its automatic and habitual patterns of perceiving, thinking and self-talk. 

Mind Mastery is the practice of learning to observe, question and challenge your own habitual patterns of perception and self talk. Once you are in awareness, the next step of mind-mastery is to consciously choose to shift yourself toward the perceptions, attitudes, thoughts and self-talk that nurture you, empower you and are in alignment with your deepest truths and values and vision of yourself.

Energy Alignment

Energy Alignment helps us to shift our state from the contracted moods of the personality (angry, anxious, frustrated, defended, resentful, sad, etc.) to the expanded state of our higher self which is naturally joyful, peaceful, compassionate and grateful.

Through regular practices that elevate and expand your state of being, balance and cohere the subtle energy fields of the body (chakras), heart and the brain, Energy Alignment puts you in touch with the part of yourself that is beyond the body and is not limited by your roles and personality. It helps you to grow a true awareness and a knowing of yourself as a Soul having a human experience.

Creative Dreaming

Creative dreaming is the art of conscious manifestation. It is a practice of intentionally using our power of imagination to envision and emotionally rehearse the experience and the gratitude that would come if our goals and dreams have already happened.

When we are in a state of gratitude for something ahead of it physically manifesting, we are in a state of receivership. This state creates an electromagnetic field around the body that actually attracts the very people and circumstances that are a vibrational match to what we are thinking feeling and intending. This is conscious creation or “manifestation”.

Awareness is key here. We are always manifesting or creating our reality with the focus of our thoughts and feelings. However, until we wake up from the unconscious habits, patterns and belief systems that are programmed into us by our family system, culture, religion or personal history we continue to re-create the past and stay stuck in our current circumstances.

With practice you can learn to observe your habitual patterns of thoughts and emotions and choose to consciously shift into new patterns that magnetize to you a new future of greater potentials.

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