"Penny reads energy and listens with every cell. She’s helped me heal deep emotional pain from childhood. I feel more authentic joy. I am aware of how my childhood patterns blocked me from experiencing love and connection especially in intimate relationships. I am consciously working on acknowledging my vulnerability and being more vulnerable with others."

"In our first few meetings I began to feel change. My negative outlook softened and I began to consciously recognize patterns of behavior that I was exhibiting which were related to early trauma in my home. Because you taught me how to connect to the feelings behind these unconscious patterns of behavior I was able to change my reaction to them in a positive way."

"You have helped me most in getting to know myself, coming into contact with the many layers of “me” and providing space for me to tend to my hurts, and create healing and deep love for myself so that I can go forward in my life..."

"You have helped create the awareness of my experiences, thoughts and feelings that are currently impacting my relationships. You have shared tools, enabled me to practice utilizing these tools in a safe environment and then you have reinforced me to continue utilizing these tools/resources/best practices."

"You helped to re-affirm my self-esteem and confidence. It was in there, but it was lost and forgotten. I also worked through some of my losses – particularly of my kids (growing up and out), and was able to move further away from my dependence on my dad’s role in my life. Further, after 25 years in an abusive marriage, I feel like I have put him (and other bullies in my life) “away”. I also now have permission to take care of myself…a novel concept for this mother!"

"I have changed the nature of my relationship with my mother. I have learned to establish boundaries with her and to speak up for myself after a lifetime trying to protect myself from her."

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