Alyssa’s Experience


Alyssa’s Experience

What were you struggling with before you first reached out to me? What made you decide to request support?
emotional upset, irritability and panic attacks

How have I helped you most?
Emotional stability. No more 9pm panic attacks. I’m able to find safety in my body I had not experienced prior to working with Penny.

What has transformed within you as a result of our work together? How long did it take? How has this process been for you?
The work has been a process. I recall at my first session, before we began, I explained to Penny I really can’t afford therapy. At the end, I asked for Penny’s 6 session package! Penny’s steadfast courage and wisdom in the work and healing process is what makes true healing possible for me. I’ve been with Penny for 3 years.

What specifically can you point to in your life that has changed/unfolded as a result of our work together?
The changes have been great from the way I feel more relaxed and comfortable in my body, to experiencing my own goodness and perfection, my ability to “show up” in the world and have my voice. It’s about getting to the center of me, and then manifesting from that place of authenticity. Penny reads energy and listens with every cell. She’s helped me heal deep emotional pain from childhood. I feel more authentic joy. I am aware of how my childhood patterns blocked me from experiencing love and connection especially in intimate relationships. I am consciously working on acknowledging my vulnerability and being more vulnerable with others.

One unexpected result from our work together was …
My abilities as a leader are being revealed to me personally and professionally. I really see this manifesting in my life.

Your favorite part of working with me is:
Layers of the onion that feel liberating and exhilarating when I reveal myself to myself and I have developed inner resources that are rooted in me. We start with meditation and centering, and handle whatever comes up in me. Sessions have been so timely and so supportive of healing what I most need to process, release and expand.

What’s next for you….how are you wanting to grow even more now?
Most recently I am with my husband seeing Penny to help with our communication and strengthening our marriage.

Is there anything else you’d like to add that feels important to share with someone who is considering working with me?
I see no end to my work with Penny. She is an incredibly gifted spiritual doctor.

Alyssa, 52

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