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What were you struggling with before you first reached out to me? What made you decide to request support?
An unstable childhood resulting in negative self image as an adult led me to seek out several therapists for support.

How have I helped you most?
By showing me how to connect with my feelings and emotions, which were locked away during my early years of negative conditioning.

What has transformed within you as a result of our work together?
In our first few meetings I began to feel change. My negative outlook softened and I began to consciously recognize patterns of behavior that I was exhibiting which were related to early trauma in my home. Because you taught me how to connect to the feelings behind these unconscious patterns of behavior I was able to change my reaction to them in a positive way.

What specifically can you point to in your life that has changed/unfolded as a result of our work together? 
I am less angry than I have ever been. The tension in my home is reduced dramatically. I am feeling more motivated and less fatigued. I am eliminating my self-sabotaging patterns and taking better care of myself in all ways.

One unexpected result from our work together was …
The realization that consciousness is altered once you connect to your feelings on an emotional level. I had been limited to understanding my feelings in an intellectual way only.

Your favorite part of working with me is:
Penny helps bridge the connection to both mind and heart and I am left feeling whole.

What’s next for you….how are you wanting to grow even more now?
I expect to rise in mind, body and spirit through my work with Penny.

Is there anything else you’d like to add that feels important to share with someone who is considering working with me?
I am someone who has worked with many different healers and therapists throughout my life. I have seen an array of methodology used for the purposes of healing wounded spirits and Penny is without question the best at what she does. With no other spiritual or clinical healer have I achieved such personal progress and awakening as I have with Penny.

B, 44

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