Julie’s Experience


Julie’s Experience

What were you struggling with before you first reached out to me? What made you decide to request support?
I reflected on a pattern of my communication issues with peers, throughout my career. I was determined to learn more about myself, how my past experiences were impacted my current relationships and most importantly I knew I had to make changes to continue to grow and develop myself both personally and professionally.

What made you initially choose to work with me?
I initially reached out to you when I found your information on the Roots and Wings website. I continued working with you due to a sense of calmness, lack of judgement and compassion you have provided me over the years. You have the unique ability to create an environment in which I was able to feel protected, visible and vulnerable as I shared my experiences and current challenges.

How have I helped you most?
You have helped create the awareness of my experiences, thoughts and feelings that are currently impacting my relationships. You have shared tools, enabled me to practice utilizing these tools in a safe environment and then you have reinforced me to continue utilizing these tools/resources/best practices. The “awareness/acknowledgement/acceptance” tool is one that I utilize most often in my day to day activities.

What has transformed within you as a result of our work together?
I have a better sense of myself; I am more aware of my actions/communications with others. You have helped me to identify what is “blocking” me (not to dwell on it), but to acknowledge and release the past. This process is often challenging and can be very draining after a session. However, the insights and changes in my thoughts and feelings and ultimately the changes in my behavior is what drives me to continue the work. As you know, I am passionate about bringing out the best in people, process and performance. To do that, I have to continue bringing out the best in myself.

What specifically can you point to in your life that has changed/unfolded as a result of our work together?
I have gained the confidence, tools/resources, and the practice of communicating my authentically and more genuine. My team has noticed the change in how I interact, express my feelings, and open my heart to them as individuals. My relationships with my family, friends and colleagues have improved. I do realize that I will always be working at improving how I communicate with others; most importantly how I make others feels when engaging with me. I know I am a work in progress . . .and I know I am seeking progress, not perfection . . .I am a life long student of personal and professional development.

One unexpected result from our work together was …
I know that as I improve myself, I am automatically improving, on an energetic level, those closest to me. I have seen big improvements in members of my team and in my close family.

Your favorite part of working with me is:
You create a safe, comfortable place to be me . . .

What’s next for you….how are you wanting to grow even more now?
I want to continue to grow personally, professionally and spiritually. I am working towards my goal of shifting from an employee to an entrepreneur. This shift triggers fear, insecurity, unworthiness, as well as challenge, joy, creativity, inspiration, motivation, etc. I will make this shift in the next 4-6 months.

Is there anything else you’d like to add that feels important to share with someone who is considering working with me?
I continue to learn to trust you in helping me to open my heart, believe in myself and have faith in the universe.


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