Casey’s Experience

What were you struggling with before you first reached out to me?
I was thinking of it as a body image issue, thinking that I generally was having trouble accepting myself as I was. But I had been attending yoga regularly and was wanting to do that (accept myself and connect with myself positively), rather than feeling intense pressure to lose weight. I was also struggling with a general sense of pressure that was leading me to want to over eat in order to comfort myself or relieve that pressure.

How have I helped you most?
Where to start?! You have helped me most in getting to know myself, coming into contact with the many layers of “me” and providing space for me to tend to my hurts, and create healing and deep love for myself so that I can go forward in my life with a much more loving and authentic relationship with myself, and therefore a much more positive and authentic relationship with my children and husband (and the world at large). You have helped facilitate generational healing.

What has transformed within you as a result of our work together? 
This has been the most challenging and yet most energizing work I have ever done. The transformation that is most apparent to me is that I love myself now (specifically my soul) in a way that feels deep, authentic, and radical. It’s been surprising how hard and simultaneously easy it is to begin each session with open curiosity, acceptance toward shifting energies that can sometimes be painful, and comfort with a new and sometimes raw sense of myself in my world (past, present, and future).

What specifically can you point to in your life that has changed/unfolded as a result of our work together? 
-relieved a sense of pressure to somehow be something or achieve something that didn’t feel authentic (perfection)
-learned to allow emotional experience in myself and my family
-my kids have an easier time expressing their emotions to my husband and I
– my husband and I have had some amazingly vulnerable and deeply connecting conversations
– I feel more confident in myself and who I am in the world
– I feel less pressure to please my parents and have gained some much-needed distance from old patterns in my family of origin
– I am learning (very slowly) to listen to cues from my body which is slowly changing some of my food patterns

One unexpected result from our work together was …
All of it has been unexpected. But I mostly didn’t expect the deep self-love that has been cultivated in our work together. I have more compassion and genuine love for myself than I thought possible.

Your favorite part of working with me is:
The way you create space for wherever I am that day and whatever shows up in our work. I never feel as though I need to change or modify what comes up. It’s all just allowed and accepted. I am continually impressed with the way you quickly see patterns and gently help me see them too.

What’s next for you….how are you wanting to grow even more now?
It feels like this love of self is new and getting to know my authentic self is where I want to spend time. Integrating those genuine parts of me that I gave up to thrive in my childhood environment, and the parts of me I acquired in order to survive. Learning to honor all aspects. And growing a relationship with my body that is based on listening instead of “punishing.”

Is there anything else you’d like to add that feels important to share with someone who is considering working with me?
Pay for three or six sessions ahead of time. The work will be amazingly rewarding, but hard. If you pay ahead of time, you will go even if you are scared. It will be worth it, every time.

Casey, age 35


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