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This will be a 2 part series for parents of teens!

It’s challenging enough to be a parent of a teenager-but to be a parent of teen during a Pandemic can take us to the edge and push boundaries we never even imagined we’d have to have!

To provide us with insight, perspective and guidance so we can both maintain our own healthy boundaries and support our teens developmental needs and unique life challenges during this time-I’ve invited my colleague Jenni Wiech-a social worker and psychotherapist who has been working with teens and their parents for over a decade.

Jenni specializes in family systems theory and teaches practices for healthy attachment and healing trauma. She works through a mindfulness based approach called Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) that helps people to develop skills for self-awareness, emotional regulation, effective communication and healthy boundaries.

Here’s a peak at a few things we talked about:

  • Understanding and making space for grief-in ourselves and in our teens for the loss of traditional ways of celebrating and experiencing significant life events (graduation, moving up ceremonies, awards ceremonies), delayed or interrupted college life and more…
  • Effective ways of dealing with pushback, anger and defiance around social distancing guidelines.
  • How to stop fighting and work compassionately with our teens to find solutions for socializing that meets the safety needs of the entire family.
  • Simple strategies for helping our teens (and ourselves) manage anxiety, stress and panic attacks.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my conversation with Jenni in Episode 8 which will be focused on issues parents and teens are facing related to the ongoing protests and the burgeoning racial justice movement we are living through.  

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I am really enjoying the Taproot Podcasts. Each episode has had powerful stories about bringing more peace to your life when everything we know has changed. There is so much wisdom about the deeper levels of how we are all connected. I can’t wait to hear more!”

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Penny Rosenzweig

I have a passion for transformational healing, consciousness, spiritual awakening and human potential. Since 2011, I have been in private practice where I work with both individuals and groups through a unique blend of coaching, mindfulness practices, energy work and spiritual mentoring.

I bring deep presence and compassion to my work along with intuitive guidance that allows me see quickly to the source of where my clients are hurt, stuck and needing support.

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