This is an episode I wish everyone in the world could listen to right now.  It is a treasure chest of truly essential tools and strategies to help you navigate through times of crisis, fear and anxiety–tools that sadly, most of us are never taught!

My guest today is Starr Potts, an integrative, body-oriented psychotherapist and shamanic practitioner who has trained extensively in mind-body therapies.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to relieve the two biggest emotional challenges people are facing in this Pandemic.
  • How to restore and deepen a sense of safety and connection with your body, yourself and with others even in the face of “social distancing”.  

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Show Notes for This Episode:
Starr’s Vlog/YouTube Channel:
Starr’s Blog:  Reclaiming Wholeness:  Connecting to the Everyday Sacred
Starr’s website

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Penny Rosenzweig

I have a passion for transformational healing, consciousness, spiritual awakening and human potential. Since 2011, I have been in private practice where I work with both individuals and groups through a unique blend of coaching, mindfulness practices, energy work and spiritual mentoring.

I bring deep presence and compassion to my work along with intuitive guidance that allows me see quickly to the source of where my clients are hurt, stuck and needing support.

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